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#62499 by Ted B
Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:03 pm
An odd questions, but;

I have an old Gateway 600-mHz...yes, I said it was old...that I've been using for my home-office server. One day it turned-off by itself and won't restart, I'm told that probably the power-supply died. Anyone have any idea if replacing the power-supply is feasible...and more importantly if "not that expensive"? There are a few recent files on the HD that I'd like to extract, but also since it was my former working-PC years ago it still has a few programs that I still used that just aren't available anymore.

I know they can access the HD and copy the files...but I would still be without the old-but-still-useful programs on there.
#62503 by Neil Blanchard
Mon Nov 25, 2013 10:12 am
If it is an ATX power supply with a 20 pin connector on the motherboard, it is probably possible. The new unit will cost about $30-60, or so?

I would get the SeaSonic with Active PFC which lowers the power consumption and means it creates less electrical "noise". But it is the $60 unit, so it is up to you. These all look like they are 20+4 ATX connector, which means they can work on either the old 20 pin standard and the newer 24 pin ATX standard.

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