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#65638 by stephen t.
Wed Jan 07, 2015 9:43 am
Good morning, I had an Omnikey Ultra with my previous computer (2 years ago) that I really liked, mostly because of the additional function keys on the left side.

When my computer died I got a Dell w/ Win8. It came with a pretty basic keyboard without the left side function keys. I thought I could make do with the new keyboard-the old Omni was having some dead key issues and it had no usb connector (PS/2?) anyway, so I couldn't use it.

Well, a couple of years later, I'm still finding my left hand searching for the function keys on the left!

Does anyone know of a manufacturer of a keyboard with the function keys on the left? I don't' believe Northgate is around.

#65639 by joshhuggins
Wed Jan 07, 2015 12:26 pm
There are many companies that sell keyboards with multiple programmable keys on the left side, not necessarily in a double row like the Omnikey. I have a mechanical Corsair K95 that has 18 GKeys which could be setup easily to preform the F keystrokes. Search for gaming / programmable keyboards and check Amazon for reviews from owners. Logitech has several that are a bit flashy, but have keys on the left in multiple configurations and amounts.
#77655 by ORWoody
Wed Feb 26, 2020 10:11 pm
I just happened to be going through the products area of the forum and saw this.
I've been using the Northgate keyboards since 1988.

This is a great location for good (and I really mean "excellent" pre-owned Northgates and repairs).

Northgate Keyboard Repair
Robert Tibbetts
P.O. Box 429 (USPS)
11 George Hunt Rd. (Fedex / UPS)
Stephentown, NY 12168

Tel. 518-733-6085 or 6086 if busy.

His website is:

I'm barely able to function without those keys on the left. It's as if DataCAD and Northgate worked jointly to make an accessible and fantastically compatible software/keyboard combination. I love the left hand only F/S keys with practically no movement compared to the line of keys at the top of the board.

Sorry that this is years old, but Robert is still cranking out quality service. I spoke to him on the phone just a couple of weeks ago.

Good luck,

Oran Woody

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