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#72719 by Nick Pyner
Wed Nov 15, 2017 9:00 pm
Has anybody used the Intel Computer Stick for DataCad?

In these days of flying one-bag-and-walk-through, the Compute Stick appears to be an interesting option. Even the most unpretentious country pub has a TV bigger than the monitor I use at home, a fact not lost on me while working recently in the Governors Bay Hotel, and I bet even the most unpretentious TV has an HDMI input these days. Meanwhile, the biggest drawback of my ancient and treasured Dell 430 is the screen.

I have now realised that this device has been around for a while. I am referring to the latest version, which I understand is a huge improvement over the original. It is identifiable because it has two USB ports.

The manual has dire warnings against using alternative power supplies, but that implies that a phone cable will fit, and thus further implies that the ComputeStick's power supply might charge the phone etc.

The first worry is that this little beauty runs Windows 10 with it's implied setup and running costs but, if I am going to stop putting off the inevitable, this might be the place to do it.

I am prepared to be amazed.........
#72724 by Neil Blanchard
Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:59 am
I had not heard of these before your post, Nick. I see that they come in various specs, and some are available without a preinstalled OS:

There are several brands, and some are quite powerful.

I am wondering - do these use Bluetooth for a keyboard and mouse? Most have wireless, and a few have LAN plugs.
#72727 by Nick Pyner
Thu Nov 16, 2017 9:48 am
I am just looking at the STK AW32SC, which is one of the cheapo ones. It can use any mix of keyboard and mouse just like a real PC. It has on-board Bluetooth and two USB ports, one is USB3. I would use the fold-up bluetooth keyboard I already have for the phone, and my Logitech M171 mouse, which has its own dongle. I saw somewhere that it can use a tablet for a keyboard but, if I had this, I think I would usually leave tablet at home. It comes with WiFi. I was surprised to hear that some (not this one) come with a LAN socket but I now realise that is not such a dumb idea, as one use for these things is as an emergency replacement PC.

The manual is very coy about tech details but the local supplier's ad says quad-core Atom x5 Z8300, 2Gb RAM, and 32Gb storage, which sounds more than adequate.

I'm betting the next version will have a retractable HDMI plug.....

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