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#7054 by Mel
Fri Oct 21, 2005 3:38 am
Am looking to get one of the above - mainly for A2 (90 is A2 and 130 is A1 otherwise appear to be the same). Currently have Designjet 100 which gives fantastic plots from Dcad but need to feed in sheets separately. As they are both 6 ink I will also be able to do the occassional photo.

Question is does the driver/software allow for "Optimize for Line Drawings" as an option - as in the 100 . Also what is the quality of the line work as would not get one if the quality is less than the DJ100.

Thanks in advance.
#7056 by Mel
Fri Oct 21, 2005 8:06 am
Since posting this I have got this info from the HP site. Does anyone have direct experience with these 2 different ink types with regard to line work?


"..You need the 110+nr or the 110 with optional roll feed module.
The 30, 90 and 130 use dye based black ink. In total 6 inks. Ideal for graphics and photo. The 70 and the 110+ use pigmented black ink. With 4 inks. (So also more economical if you use only black) The pigmented black ink works better for sharp and dense lines on the more normal paper types.

The 110+ replaced the 100+ and also has the option for a roll feed module.
The main reason why CAD users chose the 120 and 130 was the option for a roll feed which was absent on the 100 series, but they were disappointed with line quality as compared to the 100."

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