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Handy Backup

PostPosted: Wed May 17, 2006 2:31 pm
by joshhuggins
O.K. here's the deal, I've been searching for some time for a good app to backup my website and my files and folders. I have finally an app that does everything I need. HandyBackup. The company has a promotion going on right now where I can buy the program for $5.00 (instead of $30.00, which is still a good deal for all the program does) and if I can get two people to buy it within 30 days, then I get to keep the program for the $5.00 price. If not I have to send in the remainging cost. People who want the program can also sign up for the same deal and get the program for $5.00 too!

The transfer rates on both from my FTP site and across my network seem faster thanwhen I used just Windows explorer. They must really have this program tweaked and understand all the different types of file transfers. The interface is very simple and has everything I could think of that someone might need for backups.


So if your looking for a single backup application that doesn't limit you on where, & how you want to backup your data check out Handy Backup, I think you will be very happy. It gets my offical two thumbs way up!Image and not just because I want to get the app cheap :P

In order to start using the program you should do the following:
1. Download Handy Backup:
2. Run the program.
3. Go to the Help menu.
4. Select "Enter your serial number".
5. Enter the number (REFKHT5L3XX7PTZ0).
6. Press a button to register online or via email.

Check out my site Digital Downloads for more screenshots, links, interactive demos & more info.