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#181 by Greg Blandin
Tue Feb 15, 2005 5:33 pm
You have a great resource of people that will visit this forum. I suggest setting up an area for forum wishlists.

Some things to keep in mind when developing this forum.

1. Use your Announcements Section - Let people know when your going to do a big upgrade to the forum. Let people know if the forum is going to be down and how long. We like to know these things.

2. Develop a FAQ or search area and keep it updated. While there are a bunch of repeat questions on the DBUG email forum, there WILL be repeat questions here. I believe it's just easier for a user to ask a question again then search for it first. If you can set up a great search feature and educated the users, you will achieve the goal of freeing up support staff time.

3. Make sure the forum is enjoyable, but keep it professional. Emoticons are not needed.

4. Moderators - get the users involved! I'm sure there are a lot that would be willing to moderate. Make sure they know that it's more for keeping an eye on the forum then policing it. Not to mention the ability to squash spammers attempts to post unwanted links.

Good Luck!


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