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#3172 by pkbldr
Wed Jun 08, 2005 7:06 pm
I just received my new Disto Plus. It is Great!
I dimensioned my office, complete with doors and windows, using the Disto and Zipcad, exported it into DataCad, and all is well. I then exported the DXF to Chief architect. Using their "Cad to Walls" tool, I had an accurate rendering in less than 30 Minutes.
You have to check this out if yo do much field dimensioning.
Thanks to Evan for the heads-up.
#4173 by Dick Eades
Mon Jul 11, 2005 9:34 am
I've been looking at this, too. However, I'll have to replace my PDA for one with Bluetooth and I figure the larger screen on the Tungsten T5 would be in order for doing this system. The overall price is a real killer though. Once you get the Disto, ZipCad, the PDA and some accessories, it's pushing $2k. I thought ZipCad was cheaper than $500. That's pretty steep for PDA based CAD. Has anyone done this system with a PocketPC?

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