What features would you like to see added to a future version of DataCAD?

Which is your favorite idea?

#39807 by Bev
Wed Oct 15, 2008 8:38 am
I agree with Josh's wish:

"It would be nice if in the Purge dialog when we select a GTV to be included in the purge, that it would not keep us from deselecting layers. I think if you select a GTV it should set all of the layers to be included, but If you remove a layer which may be included in a GTV, it should not uncheck the GTV?".
#39838 by joshhuggins
Thu Oct 16, 2008 3:57 pm
wishlist wrote:When you close a drawing the Edit Symbol Attribute All Caps check box gets unchecked. I wish it remembered it's status on a per drawing basis like the Text menu All Caps toggle does. Or maybe it's status should just be read from the that Text Menu's status when the Edit Symbol Attribute dialog is called instead of it being a separate toggle.
Added with update v12.08.00 Thanks :!:
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#39839 by joshhuggins
Thu Oct 16, 2008 4:08 pm
It would be most handy if when we start typing in one of the type editable fields in the Entity Property dialog boxes that the Apply button becomes clickable. As it is now we start typing and have to click in some other editable area to get the Apply button to be clickable.

It would be extra handy if along with the above wish, that the text in the text area would remain editable, meaning that the text select caret stayed in it's last location so we could type, click apply to check that value, if we don't like it type another value without having to mouse back over to the text area and click again and keep our mouse cursor over the apply button to click apply over and over while checking different values. Try a few related edits, like trying different linetype or hatch scales and you'll see what I mean I think. Thanks.
#39916 by joshhuggins
Tue Oct 21, 2008 4:51 pm
It would be handy if when we are running a long stringline dim, that if we undo because a snap point was off to remove an incorrect dim, that the stringline command would also step back that last distance and allow us to pick the correct point instead of continuing on with the next dim, skipping that space. It might be kind of "improper" tweaking undo to include command based variables, but I think if it was reasonable to do, it would make good sense as to how the stringline command is used and a fix to the common issue of getting unwanted snap points.
#39933 by joshhuggins
Wed Oct 22, 2008 11:33 am
joshhuggins wrote:Basically right now when you change the text size for dimensions, the tick marks change in size also because they are relative to the text size. But the offset, overrun, etc. do not resize at all accordingly making the size relationship between the dims not match. At least in our office we want the dimensions to have the same look across all scales. We currently have most of our dimstyles saved and ready to call via toolbar buttons, but it just seems like having all of the dims values be relative to the text size would add a level of standardization or at least help in making quick custom changes to standardized dimstyles when needed. I think most people would want everything one way or the other. If you want to set everything by setting an actual size for each option then that would be one value for say an ini option. Want to just set the text size and have everything set relative, swap the ini value. Does that make sense? Might not as I've been up all night at the hospital. Sitting here watching my wife have contractions. Daniel Logan should be here in the next few hours Image. So glad I have a laptop this time. 18 hours is a long time to have your wife look at you like shes going to kill you. jk :wink:
Wanted to give a little bump to this wish while I am currently moving our office over to using Text Scale exclusively this morning. This wish would be even more handy when using Text Scale. Almost necessity IMHO for using the already existing Text Scale option in the dimension menu to keep things the same across the board. If your using Text Scale to set the size of the dimension text based on the current plot scale, the offset, overrun and a few other settings are still set with hard set values which do not adjust themselves based on the current plot scale, leaving you to have to create separate dimstyles for each scale, when one could suffice with the above enhancement. Know you guys are busy so please don't take this as being pushy. Just excited to be using Text Scale now and seeing how things could be is even more exciting :D Thanks for always listening to little ol us!
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#40144 by joshhuggins
Wed Oct 29, 2008 12:02 pm
It would be nice if for the Line and Pen spacings in the entity properties, they actually say Line Spacing and Pen Spacing vs. just spacing for both. My eyes just jumped to the word spacing and I was sitting here trying to figure out why my line type was not changing with my values.
#40319 by joshhuggins
Thu Nov 06, 2008 11:34 am
We could really use a paste option so when the clipboard contents contain symbols, we can set an option in paste to update the symbol definitions from the clip board. I would venture to guess that the actual symbol definitions do not actually make it into the clipboard now, just references and insertion points. Maybe an option when clipboard selecting to include symbol definitions of selected symbols in the clipboard copy.
#40800 by joshhuggins
Tue Dec 09, 2008 5:22 pm
How about a Plot Scale back door in the Insert Symbol menu when Symbol Scale is turned on.
#40805 by Miguel Palaoro
Wed Dec 10, 2008 5:41 am
joshhuggins wrote:How about a Plot Scale back door in the Insert Symbol menu when Symbol Scale is turned on.

Nice shot, cousin.

Handy and hightly useful.

#40811 by joshhuggins
Wed Dec 10, 2008 12:10 pm
Can we get a way to "disconnect" the normal Enlarge factor from the Symbol Browser enlarge factor please? The two are rarely ever used in conjunction, at least in our office, and it's been causing some trouble for users. OE yes, but it would be nice to get them individualized, even if via INI option. Thanks.
#41540 by joshhuggins
Fri Feb 06, 2009 2:51 pm
Would be nice to get the Arrow and Dot options in the Non-Linear dimensions. Also the filled option in Angular is kind of cool. Seems arrows in general need to be the same through out all the dimension types if possible.
#41902 by joshhuggins
Mon Mar 02, 2009 2:23 pm
The Openings options in the Architect menus (2D & 3D) needs the Sides option too so we can input openings by sides or centered. Would also be nice if we could have an option to draw lines to at the wall edges. The lines would be drawn using current line settings for 2D, possibly the same for 3D smart walls?

#42041 by joshhuggins
Mon Mar 09, 2009 1:15 pm
When importing a layer file there needs to be a new option so you don't have to merge or replace or go create a new layer and then merge or replace. Just one of those would be nice to have wishes.

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