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#71672 by GARY247
Thu Jun 15, 2017 2:18 pm
I have a base drawing with the sections with a go to view of a particular section that I want on an enlarged drawing. I have the sheet where I inserted the xref of the base drawing with the GTV box ckicked and saved the drawing. Now when I double left click/shift key I thought it was supposed to take me to the correct GTV but it does not. How do I get this to work properly or does it not work like this?
#71680 by GARY247
Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:28 am
These are the steps I used:

1. Created clip cube with viewer and saved to a go to view-saved drawing
2. Inserted xclip into drawing with xclip and gtv boxes checked-saved drawing.
3. hit alt and right clicked on mouse to dbl. check the file link
4. set cross hairs in xref - hit shift and dbl. clicked left key on mouse to take me to base drawing but it does not go to the GTV that it is set for so what am I doing wrong?
#71687 by Neil Blanchard
Mon Jun 19, 2017 7:41 am
Hi Gary,

I may not be understanding what you are trying to do, but here's how I think you can do it:

In source drawing that you want to XRef into another drawing, save a GTV of the layers you want shown in the XRef.

Toggle to the drawing where you want to insert the XRef - and insert the XRef, and in the Reference File Manager, select the GTV you set up.

Then Control-Right Click on XRef and go to XRef Tools and then X-Clip - and set up the X-Clip (which can be a Fence or a rectangle). Save a new GTV.
#71693 by GARY247
Tue Jun 20, 2017 9:05 am
The go to view links are set up for the xref but when I when I hit shift and shift/left key on the xref it only takes me to the base drawing of the last view saved and not to the saved gtv. Another wards the gtv are not working for the xref even though they are set up to.
#71699 by joshhuggins
Tue Jun 20, 2017 12:43 pm
You can't jump to a specific GTV (or a custom view of manually set ON layers) from an XREF into another drawing unfortunately . It just opens the drawing being xrefed in saving you the manual navigation time from having to go File, Open and then navigate to find the file which is being used for the xref. The GTV's in the Reference manager are just quick ways to turn ON/OFF layers for that xref's display based on the GTV's within the drawing being xrefed.

The GTV Link toggle in the Reference Manager on the other hand is for use in the drawing where the XREF lives so you can use a single xref for multiple GTV's but have that single XREF show up differently for each GTV.

So lets say your xref lives on a layer named "Bob". Then lets say GTV #1 has the BOB layer turned on, and you open the Reference Manager and turn on the layers WALLS, DOORS, and WINDOWS in your XREF. You hit Apply/OK in the Reference manager to apply those settings. Then in the GTV menu, Update GTV#1 and that locks in the settings for the Xfef that are set in the Reference Manager for the xref. This GTV Update step is the key part to remember.

Now go to GTV#2 which also has layer BOB turned on, open the Reference Manager and now for this view you want just the WALLS layer on but you want the WALLS layer set with a half tone color, (for my office that would mean setting the color to Magenta), so you would check only the WALLS layer check box and then with the WALLS layer name selected, you can go down to the Highlighting section of the Reference Manager and check the the XREF Layer box to enable individual layer highlight and then set the Color drop down to Magenta. Click Apply/OK to close the Reference Manager. Now go to the GTV menu and Update GTV#2 to lock in the xrefs settings for GTV#2.

So now you could toggle to GTV#1 and that single xref would show up with WALLS, DOORS, & WINDOWS on. Toggle over to GTV#2 and it would show just the WALLS layer on but they would all be shown in the color MAGENTA. So every time you return to either of these GTV's they will display the XREF in whatever state it was in when you preformed the last GTV update.

Now say you switch to GTV#3 but it does not have the BOB layer turned on. If you turn on layer BOB now the XREF will be displayed using whatever settings were last set for the GTV without updating a GTV.

I hope this helps explain it a bit. I think all of the above is accurate, someone please correct me if I missed something (I am not firing on all cylinders today).

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