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#72893 by Ted B
Mon Dec 18, 2017 12:56 am
Since a number of Datacad users also use Sketchup pro, I have a query;
Why does Layout occasionally not let me "save" and force me to "save-as" a new file? I use Sketchup-Layout for construction drawings along with Datacad, and it's annoys me that I wind-up the multiple historical-copies of my file when I don't need them. I either have to go-back and manually-delete them and their backups, or accept that tens of Megs of hard drive-space are wasted on their existence. For a small project that only takes me a few hours over the course of a few days, I can have three or four historical-copies stacked-up in the hard drive-folder.

Typically this happens when I re-open the file the next day to continue-work, or occasionally at the end of the session when I want to "save and exit" the file. It's either identified as available but only as "read-only", or the PC claims the file is still "open" somewhere and won't let ne "save and exit" -- I have to "save-as" a new file, then "exit". Usually it's the Layout file that does this, but occasionally the model Sketchup file has the same behavior. If the Sketchup file does this, I then have to re-insert the newly-named file(s) as the reference file(s) back into the Layout file, which is cumbersome.

It's not a mission-critical fault, but I have several gigs of hard drive-space tied up in no-longer-needed interim-files.

UPDATE: Dec 19th Yesterday afternoon in a split-second of distraction this happened and I accidentally overwrite another project's completed-file (in an adjacent folder) for the same client. Fortunately I hadn't sent it to the client yet, so I'll just have to spend a few hours re-doing my work from Friday before sending the sealed drawings to the client. **grrrr...**

My normal S.O.P. is to sequentially identify the file-versions -- m1 Project-name, m1a Project-name, m1c Project-name, m2 Project-name (if a major change/revision), etc... Sketchup models are M1 XXXXXX, Layout files are P1 XXXXXX, Autocad files are V1 XXXXXX, etc...

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