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#73086 by joshhuggins
Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:35 pm
Neil Blanchard wrote:I will try that setting. I didn't know about it - what does it do?
It basically runs the File, Repair command on your symbols as your browse your folders via the Symbol Browser and purges out any funkyness. If you haven't used it before, from a new default file, I would browse your entire symbol library to clean everything. As you go thru your folder structure any symbols that have something audited from them should create a .LOG file (or maybe an .ADUIT file now if Dave changed it) in that folder so you can check the symbol out for any important removed info, although it's usually something you couldn't see anyway. Sometimes you might hit a folder that crashes it which means you have a really bad symbol. In those cases I checked .LOG file to see which symbol it might have got hung up on, then I manually inserted the symbol exploded from the Insert, Symbol menu, and then I re-saved the symbol overwriting the original symbol and then closed my drawing, re-opened a new default drawing and the rebrowsed the symbol folder and it usually completed the audit of that folder and I moved on to the next. Can take a bit of time, but it's a great way to purge out old junk and make your drawings & symbols much more stable going forward. Once you have everything cleaned up, make sure to set the INI value back to FALSE to to speed your Symbol Browser back up.
#73117 by David A. Giesselman
Fri Jan 19, 2018 10:50 am
Neil Blanchard wrote:Okay, there was another Windows update - and DataCAD now runs correctly.

Are you saying another Win 7 update was issued overnight and your symbol browser is no longer crashing?

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