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#73209 by gregg kett
Sun Feb 04, 2018 9:31 pm
Hi out there does Datacad support the use of BIM objects in modelling if so what format, they only seem to support ,Autodesk and Revit
thanks in advance
#73210 by Mark Bell
Mon Feb 05, 2018 6:50 am
Hi Gregg,

Full BIM - no, psuedo BIM - yes, but with limitations. There's a ton of information on the various requirements and protocols in creating and using BIM objects so unless you have a reason to want to implement it, and a BIM Manager to help you, I'd keep it simple and use a number of DataCAD's more recent additions instead which will get you over the line so to speak in working in a similar manner to full BIM software. Google NATSPEC BIM (here in Australia) and check out the AIA site as they have a number of papers on it. The main limitation is the inability to import and export IFC compatible data which can be shared with other systems. If you dig a bit deeper there's also a lot of discussion out there on how few firms use their BIM software to its full use. It appears most just want the ease of designing in 3D for presentation and to get all your 2D drawings from the 'model' and using the BIM objects to make life easier along the way given most suppliers/manufacturer's now provide BIM models of their products. I think Revit (Aust) has just put the price up to $3,090.00 p.a. which is pricey given similar things can be achieved in DataCAD for a lot less.

We've had success with DataCAD's 'smart' symbols which allows you to mimic a LOD format using the scale-dependent feature coupled with the Scale To Pen, Polylines with Knockout, 2D/3D symbols where a 3D entity switches to a 2D symbol in plan and vice-versa etc. (would be nice to have it do this in elevation too~!), applying materials to the model entities, as well as adding attributes to the symbol and completing the various Fields (product info etc.) so you can retrieve this once symbols are added into a drawing. A newer feature out in v20 will include symbols with layers which adds more flexibility on how these 'smart' symbols can be used as it could mimic object assemblies where components are built with layered entities (sub-symbols) and is another step closer to how BIM works. They're time consuming to create or obtaining current manufacturer data but once you have them, they pay back in time saved not only drawing but coordinating across drawings.

On a project last year I had to work with an architect using Revit and found the DWG file I needed to import into DataCAD was made up of dozens (probably hundreds) of symbols and sub-symbols of polylines (some with KO applied) going multiple layers deep. It appears that's how Revit works with its BIM objects and walls, using multiple 'layers' of polylines with KO so a 3D object shows in a HLR-like view almost instantly given it just re-displays the layers in the symbol (object)? Playing around with DataCAD's features noted above could allow you to get a similar result?
#73216 by gregg kett
Mon Feb 05, 2018 11:06 pm
HI Mark
thanks for the detailed reply, it appears a bit more involved than i expected, and beyond my capabilities, and for the residential work that i do.
i was mainly thinking of the 3D component for modelling but it goes much much deeper when i read a bit about it.

Hopefully i'll be retied before all this technology takes over.

thanks again now back to datacad.
cheers Gregg
#73217 by Mark Bell
Tue Feb 06, 2018 5:00 am
Hi Gregg,

You can, and should, still use DataCAD's features with symbols, just don't worry about doing it to the BIM requirements. All you really need is to have your saved 3D objects display as a 2D symbol when in plan and the 3D object in 3D. If you're okay with the generic smart doors and windows (customised from the tabs rather than with symbols), then you will still get plenty of productivity gains using the smart walls as they are quicker than drawing, offsetting and trimming 2D lines and you and your client's get to see what you're designing too :lol:

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