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#705 by Neil Blanchard
Wed Mar 02, 2005 1:04 pm

Here's a 19" LCD monitor, that by all accounts is excellent! It has some great spec's, and it does have a DVI input, and it is being sold by NewEgg for just $298 with free shipping!

I read a post on the SPCR by someone who has lived with it for three weeks, and he is completely happy with it. On the NewEgg site, there are 30 out of 31 owners who rate it as 5 stars; and the last one rated it as a 4 star. The average rating from 61 voters (including those who wrote the reviews) is 5 stars. And it even has a relatively narrow bezel.

#762 by Brian Engebretson
Fri Mar 04, 2005 8:40 am
I’ve been pushing our IT guy to upgrade our monitors to LCDs. With the prices coming down, I’m starting to make headway. But yesterday he mentioned that one LCD we have had in the office for a couple years has started to darken. He is questioning the life span of the LCD monitors. Does anyone have experience with older LCDs and how well they hold their image quality over the life of the monitor?

#765 by Neil Blanchard
Fri Mar 04, 2005 10:16 am
Hello Brian:

CRT's fade, too! They get fuzzier and dimmer, and as LCD's probably do too, this will happen faster or more slowly; depending on the make and model and that particular unit.

I have seen three 15" CTX LCD's for over two years, one Samsung 15" for two years, one NEC 17" for almost two years, and two ViewSonic 17" for over one year -- all with no noticable fading. And think of all those laptops! And check the ratings on bulb lifetimes -- some are 30,000 hours!

Most CRT's fade noticably in 3-4 years (some much sooner), and many fail after 6-7 years.

As an individual one-time purchase an LCD monitor is going to be more expensive. Throughout a lifetime, however, LCDs are cheaper as they are known to have a longer lifespan and also a lower power consumption. The cost of both technologies have come down over the past few years, and LCDs are reaching a point where smaller monitors are within many consumers' price range. You will pay more for a 17" LCD compared to a 17" CRT, but since the CRT's actual viewing size is smaller, it does bring the question of price back into proportion.

[emphasis is mine]
#768 by Brian Engebretson
Fri Mar 04, 2005 11:29 am
Thanks Neil. Great info. And since LCDs are cheaper to operate, I will push for the Dual LCDs. If one is cheaper, than two must be twice as cheap to operate! I’ll save the company huge money. Yea, right. I’ll only get two monitors if they are delivered by flying pigs.

Thanks again.
#773 by Neil Blanchard
Fri Mar 04, 2005 2:06 pm
Hello Brian:

Here's what I'd do: when they buy you one new monitor, I would buy a second one on my own (though you might also have to buy a dual output video card, too.) Then you get to use the second monitor, and they will see how good it is to have two, and they'll refund your money! :wink:

If you get a new card that has a DVI output (to get the most out of the LCD), then it should have the second DVI...
#2331 by Ted B
Thu Apr 28, 2005 12:12 pm
Never mind...I just found Neil's posting on Dual Monitors....

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