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#77090 by Mark Bell
Tue Oct 15, 2019 6:57 pm
Hi Bob,
1. Under Utility/Print/Pen Table, the menu shows you standard 15 pens and the remainder of pen colors available.
2. You can use your line and fill colors in your drawing to be mapped to specific pen numbers and corresponding line/pen widths and percent density and a selected color - this is under Pen Settings on the right column,
3. Given you want whole layer information to print in a certain color or density, one method is to do a self-xref of each layer(s) then using the RFM, you can assign individual pen colors/densities on a per layer instance or for groups of layers,
4. Turn on the layer(s) you want to print in a certain color/fill, then create a new layer, tab to it, and pick Insert (pulldown menu), Self-xref, then Layers/active only and pick the new self xref layer,
5. Ctrl-right mouse click (or quickly double click) over the self xref to open the RFM which should highlight the selected self xref,
6. Down the mid right, pick Highlighting on (xref), then color, then pick a color you have mapped to a full/lower density in your pen table. Pick OK to set and close. Repeat for the other layer(s) you want to assign mapped colors to groups of layers. Note, you can also change the line type and line spacing in the RFM too allowing different presentation options for printing. You can also assign different pen colors to individual layer(s) within a group of layers in the self xref (ie. highlight the boundary on a site plan in a heavier line weight pen),
7. It's probably a good idea to create some GTV's of the self xrefs then you can quickly go to them and also link them for MSP setup, if needed.
#77091 by Mark Bell
Tue Oct 15, 2019 7:05 pm
Also, remember in Display/Layer Order will determine which layer is printed first and so on, so best to place the background layers up your layer list and those you want in front/on top further down and the active layer will print last. You will need to move the self xrefs up/down your layer list to achieve this and be on the active self xref which prints last.

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