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#77557 by Mark Bell
Thu Feb 06, 2020 12:49 am
If the 'T' in SWOtHLUDFBK is turned off, all screen text is replaced by an outline box, however, if a print is made, the text is still shown. It would be good to link these two so printing of text is also turned off when the display (t) is turned off.
#77558 by joshhuggins
Thu Feb 06, 2020 1:36 am
You can set the behavior for printing on the Misc tab of the Program Prefs or via the related dcadwin.ini values to this to determine how these items are handled.
Code: Select all[Printer]
Print Text=DEFAULT
Print Hatch=DEFAULT
Print Line Weight=DEFAULT
Print Line Types=DEFAULT
Print Associative Dimensions=DEFAULT
Print Fills=DEFAULT
Print Bitmaps=DEFAULT
Print KnockOuts=DEFAULT
Print Smart Wall Hatch=DEFAULT
Print Smart Wall Fill=DEFAULT

; Set any of the above to TRUE to force them to print, even if the attribute setting in the Utility/Display menu is turned off. If set to DEFAULT or missing, the drawing's display toggles T, H, L, U, D, F, B, and K in SWOTHLUDFBK will be used to determine whether or not the attribute is included in the printed output.

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