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#80317 by 2mackids
Wed Oct 13, 2021 3:14 pm
Is it possible to clip out the middle of a drawing? For instance. I have a 1-story house which has a second level tower that takes up a small area in the middle of the first floor. I would like to clip out of the first floor the perimeter/outline of the tower above it. Other than making a pline entity which cuts through the first floor to the area where the tower sits above, is there a way to clip something out of the middle of an xref?
#80318 by joshhuggins
Wed Oct 13, 2021 4:03 pm
An XClip is the most direct way to do it. The trick to doing an internal "void" to just wrap the space you want voided out and that you can have one set of points intersect at the interior of the void, but the exterior of the clip cannot cross over itself. Below is a quick example of how I would do an Xclip. I use them all the time to show a lower floor screen that extends past the boundary of the floor I am working on. Here is two examples. One is a clean version and the second is a bit more exaggerated to show the ends of the xclip wrapping a bit clearer. Obviously this is sloppy, but it shows how the void is created in the center to but the exterior boundary does not cross.

Another way that might work is a polyline with knockout turned on, but it depends on your end goal of display vs printing and how your layer / pen / print ordering is setup.
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