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#81752 by VDS
Sat Nov 19, 2022 12:40 pm
Two items for you hot key experts:

How do I change my move-->drag command to NOT have "and copy" function auto turned on?

Can hot keys be set with the "shift" button? Really hoping to get SHIFT + A to open my Arcs menu.... My ALT hotkeys are running out!!!
#81753 by Joseph Baron
Sat Nov 19, 2022 2:30 pm
Look at your Program Preferences > Menus > AndCopy Toggles setting and see if that helps.

I'm not aware of any user customizable shortcuts using Shift.

The DataCAD Alias system allows unlimited user customizable shortcuts.
#81754 by joshhuggins
Sat Nov 19, 2022 4:13 pm
VDS wrote:Can hot keys be set with the "shift" button? Really hoping to get SHIFT + A to open my Arcs menu.... My ALT hotkeys are running out!!!
Depending which Arcs menu you are looking for, with Datacad closed, if you open the DCADWIN.mnu file with Notepad and use Ctrl+F to find / search for 'arc', you should find several lines for arcs. So what you can do is for example for the line

Code: Select all2-Point Arc||Draw curve by center, starting, and end points

you can add 'SHIFT+A' to the line between the | | so it looks like

Code: Select all2-Point Arc|SHIFT+A|Draw curve by center, starting, and end points

Then save the file, launch Datacad and see if it works. If it does, you are all set. If it does not, read on. OK, read on even if it does work incase you want to edit more lines later. :wink:

So one thing to note is Datacad assigns the shortcuts based on their order in the DCADWIN.mnu file. So the first line that has say 'SHIFT+A' will get the assignment, and any lines after that that have 'SHIFT+A' in between the | | , will be ignored. So if you are getting a different menu or command than is expected, you can do a search for 'SHIFT+A' to see if that shortcut combo shows up before the line you would like it assigned to. You can either remove the offending SHIFT+A from the line that comes before your desired line, or replace it with another unused shortcut combo.

From page 600 of the Datacad 22 manual, below are some examples of what types of shortcut combos you can use for DCADWIN.mnu lines.
Example: Open|5|Open Existing File

Example: Open|E|Open Existing File

Example: Open|F5|Open Existing File

([CTRL] + (0-9), (A-Z), (F1-F12))
Example: Open|CTRL+5|Open Existing File
Example: Open|CTRL+E|Open Existing File

([CTRL] + [SHIFT] + (0-9), (A-Z), (F1-F12))
Example: Open|CTRL+SHIFT+5|Open Existing File
Example: Open|CTRL+SHIFT+E|Open Existing File
Example: Open|CTRL+SHIFT+F5|Open Existing File

([CTRL] + [ALT] + (0-9), (A-Z), (F1-F12))
Example: Open|CTRL+ALT+5|Open Existing File
Example: Open|CTRL+ALT+E|Open Existing File
Example: Open|CTRL+ALT+F5|Open Existing File

([SHIFT] + (0-9), (A-Z), (F1-F12))
Example: Open|SHIFT+5|Open Existing File
Example: Open|SHIFT+E|Open Existing File
Example: Open|SHIFT+F5|Open Existing File

([ALT] + (0-9), (A-Z), (F1-F12))
Example: Open|ALT+5|Open Existing File
Example: Open|ALT+E|Open Existing File
Example: Open|ALT+F5|Open Existing File

([ALT] + [SHIFT] + (0-9), (A-Z), (F1-F12))
Example: Open|ALT+SHIFT+5|Open Existing File
Example: Open|ALT+SHIFT+E|Open Existing File
Example: Open|ALT+SHIFT+F5|Open Existing File

([CTRL] + [ALT] + [SHIFT] + (0-9), (A-Z), (F1-F12))
Example: Open|CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+5|Open Existing File
Example: Open|CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+E|Open Existing File
Example: Open|CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F5|Open Existing File
#81755 by Roger D
Sat Nov 19, 2022 4:27 pm
As Joesph said you could create a command alias by editting the dcadwin.dca file, or you can record live from within datacad, hit the Ctrl-Space bar, select settings and create an alias, similar format to the keyboard macro file.
would look like:
comment=draw circle by diameter

comment=arc menu

Invoke by hitting Ctrl+Space bar+A enter
#81756 by Joseph Baron
Sat Nov 19, 2022 4:40 pm
joshhuggins wrote:you can add 'SHIFT+A' to the line between the | | so it looks like...

Fantastic Josh, I've not messed with the MNU file and knowing this now is very helpful. Thanks!
#81757 by ORWoody
Sun Nov 20, 2022 6:50 pm
A quick way to see what commands are directly available with the use of the Ctrl+ is to simply go along the top menu and get each drop-down to activate. Look for commands that you want to access directly and make note of them. Even if you already have access to them with the Alt+, note the command. What you'll see is that there are probably quite a few that can be reached with the Ctrl+ and if you do that, you'll free up the corresponding alt key for your use.
I ran out of Alt+ keys years ago, but when DataCAD offered the Ctrl+, it made many new things go perfectly well with a single activation. My Move-Drag, both without a copy and with a copy became accessible with these two commands in my dcadwin.mcr.
// Drag without copy

// Drag and copy

I think of the R as Relocate and the Y as CopY.
I'd guess that I switched a minimum of ten Alt+ key commands and either gave them new destinations like Drag (without copy) or Drag (with copy). Ctrl+ enhanced my customization tremendously.

Good luck,

p.s. If you're not comfortable digging down in there and changing things, feel free to contact me directly and we can work out everything that you need. I'm also available by text at 281-541-7057 or email at for quick turn around.

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