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#66264 by Ted B
Wed Apr 15, 2015 11:20 pm
Saw this all-in-one Epsom printer at Staples, and it copies and scans 11x17" originals -- not just letter and legal.

I've owned nothing by HP printers for nearly twenty years. Where possible I get ones that use at-least one of the ink-cartridges used by my existing inventory just so I can swap and have less spares. I also like HP since I've had a good track-record refilling the cartridges myself using bulk ink. Some cartridges I get 8-12 refills before the cartridge irredeemably-fails.

I've been using HP9800-series wide-format printers for 11x17" design and construction drawings for almost 15-years. But the current one hasn't printed in-color in years, so I'm not totally adverse to replacing it if I could scan and copy 11x17: originals. Since I went into private practice in 2001, 11x17" has been my standard office-format for construction drawings, but I've had to travel to Staples or the local printer/repro house for 11x17" copies of free-hand sketches, scans or meeting record-copy mark-ups. Before the Staples was two blocks away so it wasn't a burden -- just a lunch-time errand. Now that I've moved my office it's a 12-mile drive each-way to Staples or the quick-printers.

I just don't have any track-record on Epsom printers, their reliability and how serviceable their ink-jet cartridges are. I had a number of bad experiences buying refilled HP cartridges so I prefer refilling them myself. Of the last 8 HP re-cycled inkjet cartridges I've bought through Amazon; 2 were empties, 2 failed to work straight out of the box, and another one failed within a week. Not a successful ratio of pass/fail.

How are the Epsom cartridges?
#66265 by joshhuggins
Thu Apr 16, 2015 1:48 am
We bought the same one about 4 months ago after our HP 7610 died on us after about a year. We have been die hard HP users for quite a while, but lately their inkjet offerings in the last 5-10 years have been really hit or miss. Only my 8800 Pro has really held up as far as inkjets go. Don't get me started on the 8600 that sits next to me. Image Of course their LaserJet stuff is still top notch.

Back on to the WF-7620, it's been running great so far. Fast clean scans/copies, can scan multiple 11x17's via the ADF on top, which is nice, our old HP 7610 could only do 1 at a time on the bed glass. For the price, I think we got ours right at 200 at OfficeDepot when they were having a sale to turn in any printer (working or not) and get a $50 instant rebate. If the unit lasts, it's a steal. Very minor issue is the onscreen menu system on the unit it self seems a bit confusing at first as to keeping paper sizes in order for coping. Not a deal breaker but it's a bit confusing at first, and the paper tray for the 11x17 could stick out a bit if space in front of the unit is at a premium. Also if I recall correctly you can only use the unit in one network mode either hardwired or wireless, not both at the same time. We never use inkjet refills (we do use Laserjet refilled carts), so can't speak to that. It feels like it's got a solid quality build. We don't do a lot of printing on it, just coping & scanning 11x17's primarily, maybe 10 sheets a week. Our bulk 11x17 printing is on our HP LaserJet M712 which we love also. I would say the amount of sheets per cart seems to be on par with similar HP inkjet carts of the same size. Number of sheets that can feed in the ADF is a decent amount and more than we need. Printer driver runs light and is full featured. All in all after 4 months, I would say for the 199.00 I am seeing on Staples page I would say it's worth it. It's a nice unit.
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#66266 by Roger D
Thu Apr 16, 2015 5:44 am
works well for me.
I have the wireless version, so it sits on a table beyond my office.
Scans duplex also if needed.
I bought it since it can print up to 13x19, so I buy 12x18 paper and print my 24x36 @ 50% and it can be scaled.
#66269 by MtnArch
Thu Apr 16, 2015 10:56 am
I don't have an Epson but I do have a Brother MFC-6920DW (and also a Brother MFC-6910DW that it replaced). Both have been flawless, both are 11x17 multi-function (scanning/printing/faxing/etc.), have an up to 11x17 ADF and both duplex up to 11x17. I go through LD Products for my compatible cartridges (lowest cost, best color, doesn't void warranty, etc.). The 6920 has the most bells and whistles and is fastest, but the 6910 has bigger capacity paper cartridges. I have the 6920 on my network as both wired and wireless and can access it by multiple computers at the same time either way. It's listed for $199 online at both OfficeMax and Staples.
#75260 by Ted B
Thu Nov 29, 2018 1:44 am
I bought a WF-7620 a while ago, and it's been wonderful. A quantum improvement over the parade of HPs over the years. I can get refilled ink-cartridges on-line cheap enough so I don't bother trying to refill them like I had to with the HP printers; no spilled ink, no mess, no wasted 30-45 mins. cleaning and praying the nozzles hadn't died.. The Epson printheads are integral to the printer, unlike the HP cartridges that failed often. I typically print b/w const. docs. in black-only draft-mode. Saves a lot of color ink...

And the speed is much faster, I don't bother driving to Staples anymore for copying sets to be Sealed*, but print them myself on 11x17 paper. My old office was across the street from Staples, but now it's a 12-mile drive eachway.

The scanner-mode is a bit dodgey, something about my cabling prevents me from controlling the scanner features from my PC, I have to use the limited dashboard on the printer itself.
#75261 by Joe Krawiec
Thu Nov 29, 2018 7:19 am
I owned the previous version - the WF-7520. My use on this printer is light - it is pretty much only for 11X17 size and as a copier. Initially it was terrific. I quickly learned that I was unable to use the refilled cartridges and could only use original Epson brand (which obviously cost much more). Then the autofeed decided it didn't want to work any longer making it less than useful as a copier. After about 2 years, the copies became very poor quality and it probably needed new print heads. It just didn't make sense to try to repair a printer of this quality and I replaced it with a Brother MFC-J6930DW. It provided all the same functions at a similar price.

Joe Krawiec
#75266 by joshhuggins
Thu Nov 29, 2018 2:06 pm
Our 2-1/2 year old WF-7620 just gave up the ghost with an error 0x97 error. I swore after our last Epson failure I was never going to buy another. This will be my last. We just bought a HP M712D 11x17 Laserjet printer a few months ago, but I think am going to try to sell it and upgrade to a M725dn and stop trying to do 11x17 scanning on the cheap.
#76279 by Ted B
Wed Apr 24, 2019 3:18 pm
After 3-years it looks like I'll need to buy another printer. The Workforce 7620 is misprinting several of the jets, creating lines and sputters on my drawings and printed documents, ...something in the firmware I suspect. It's not dirty jets. Off to Staples and Office Max to see what they have on-sale I guess.
#76284 by dhs
Wed Apr 24, 2019 5:30 pm
Can't speak to the WF-7620 model specifically, but have just thrown out another Epson Workforce model and will not be buying another. Initially all was good, but after several months the print quality gradually deteriorated. I didn't use it for business so persevered with the declining print quality for private use for a couple years before it became totally unacceptable.
#76289 by MtnArch
Thu Apr 25, 2019 9:20 am
My Brother just keeps chugging along - same one as my previous post! Never had an issue with any of my Brother printers (currently have the 6920, a monochrome HL cheapy for down-n-dirty B/W printing, and an 8350 color laser). I've also found that whenever the laser printers tell me I need to replace the toner that I can go for quite a while before it finally stops and demands a new cartridge.
#76346 by Ted B
Sun May 05, 2019 3:35 am
Maybe I'll look into the Brother. A set of OEM ink cartridges is over $120 for a set of CMYK on Amazon. Yikes!! That's almost half the price of the printer at $240. rated for 3000-pages.

The Workforce is not really making presentable printouts for client-work at this point even in b/w. I never was very impressed with it's color printing from new, terrible for photos. But it was a LOT FASTER than my old HP printer for 11x17" construction drawings. I looked at it's Epson WF successor at Staples and wasn't impressed. Looked even cheaper and plastic than this one. And the creepy Staples store-manager sidled up to me and inadvertently commented that the Workforce printers are really only good for 18-months to two I figure he's been getting similar complaints.

{Update 14 May 2019]
Bought the Brother on-line for the same price-delivered as Staples, delivered in two-days. Unlike with the HP, I'm not saving the Epson as a back-up. Now I just have to drag it somewhere to dispose of it, maybe the County Recycling?? I have several old TVs that can go at the same time.

The bad news? I spent some of my software/hardware updating budget replacing the printer.

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