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#75135 by dhs
Tue Nov 06, 2018 1:32 pm
John Daglish wrote: Can the text and corresponding drawn rectangle or polyline (and with void) be linked such that when you do an identify both entities are highlighted?

Thanks for the suggestion John.

The existing macro uses a series of entity attributes to link the outline and text entities, and it would not be possible for the standard DataCAD identify logic to be aware of their relationship (although it should already identify the void as part of the outline). It would however be possible to have an identify function within the macro as you suggest, and I will look at including that in a future version.

I have been contemplating the linkage logic for the new version, and wondering if it might not be better to include all of the entities for a space as a symbol. There would be a few advantages of this including the ability to Identify the symbol, and also the ease of moving/copying/rotating it as a single entity outside of the macro. The main disadvantage I can see is that you could not use the normal polyline editing functionality (add/move/delete a vertex etc.), so those editing functions would need to be done via the macro (which in some ways is an advantage as the macro could recalculate as you edited instead of having to be subsequently called to do the updates) ...
Would be interested to hear from anybody that uses the macro as to their feelings regarding such a change.

A new version is under development, but it likely to take a while to come to completion (this is just a part-time hobby for me, and typically I spend less time on it over the Australian summer).

David H.
#75147 by jimgoodman
Wed Nov 07, 2018 9:19 am
A work around that I use for this is select the text or polyline by Group using any of the editing commands but not completing the edit.
ie, start the copy process and select the polyline or text by Group and everything will be highlighted. Escape out of the copy process and voila.

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