What features would you like to see added to a future version of DataCAD?
#77213 by David A. Giesselman
Mon Nov 11, 2019 9:58 am
Mark Bell wrote:It's more like me not explaining things clearly. The query relates more to the Bisect command as this is where I usually go to when in Mirror given I work predominantly with walls and am often doing multiple Bisect mirror or mirror and copy whilst still in Bisect. The Mirror/Bisect command currently only works with entities that Bisect is able to select (walls and lines). If other entities are present that are one of the points to bisect then it doesn't work and gives the response "The point entered is too far from an entity".

Hi Mark,

Okay, I think I understand enough to provide you with something to try in the next build. Thank you for the additional explanation.

#77214 by David A. Giesselman
Mon Nov 11, 2019 10:54 am
Mark Bell wrote:... It's probably easier I just go back a level to the main Mirror menu and use point to point +90' and get used to working that way instead.

That may indeed be the case in some of the examples you provided.

#77318 by Neil Blanchard
Mon Nov 25, 2019 4:27 pm
I think this has been mentioned before - would it be possible to have "additive" GTVs? So, if we held down Control, and then clicked on a new GTV - it would leave all the layers that are currently on - on - and turn on all the layers in the additional GTV.

The reason this came up today, is I have 7 bathroom plans, each with their own sets of layers, and each with 3 GTVs: Demo, New, and RCP. I needed to send all the Demo plans, and all the New plans, and all the RCPs, in separate DWG files to our engineers.

Does that make sense?
#77544 by Neil Blanchard
Thu Jan 30, 2020 1:30 pm
When I am working with Helplines, it would be great if, whenever I Alt-I on a line that is coincident with a Helpline - that DataCAD would always take priority on the line. When I need to Al-I on a Helpline, this can easily be done away from any line, since Helplines are "infinite".
#77644 by Neil Blanchard
Wed Feb 26, 2020 9:26 am
A small wish - on the Control-Right Click menu for ParaText, the Explode function is right next to the Resize - can we get a confirmation dialog for the Explode? Occasionally, my mouse moves at the last moment as I am trying to Resize text (which I use a LOT), and I explode the ParaText (which I do about once a decade).
#77648 by Roger D
Wed Feb 26, 2020 3:17 pm
I will second that suggestion to either relocate the explode from the resize area, or a are you sure prompt.
#77796 by Neil Blanchard
Tue Mar 31, 2020 12:16 pm
Here's something I would like to give a bump to - it would be very useful, I think, to have the Symbol Browser be adjustable width - when docked. Here at home, I have 1 monitor (at the moment) that is a so-called ultra-wide - it is 21:9 aspect ratio. So if the SB could be wider when docked, I could have both it and the Layer manager open at the same time, and see them both well enough to use them easily. Some symbol folders have way too many symbols to see them.

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