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#76765 by joshhuggins
Tue Jul 23, 2019 12:57 pm
seasdes wrote:Any suggestions how to make Ptext knockout the same distance around text. I am using V21.

- The Left side is determined by the KnockOut X Enlargement value since it's set for Left Alignment.
- The Right side is determined by where you drag the end of the PText box when placing the text or resizing it. Wherever you end the PText box, the KnockOut X Enlargement will be based off that point. If you turn on the Boundary, you should see the correlation.
- The top and bottom would be determined by a combination of things including the Font used, the Vertical Alignment setting, the Line Feed = Text Height Setting and the Knockout Enlargement. I think that is most of them. You will have to play with those settings to get it to where you want it.

Looking at your example though it seems almost like maybe that text was mirrored with a horizontal mirror line with Fix Text turned on since you have Vertical Alignment set to TOP but is seems like it's aligned to the BOTTOM. Might want to try doing a Mirror with a horizontal mirror line with Fix Text turned on on it again and see it that helps with that.
#76773 by dmartens
Tue Jul 23, 2019 2:33 pm
I think you need to use a TTF. for the single line text in your example if you use regular text it will make the top and bottom margins equal. Adjustment to the y margins changes both top and bottom so you can never get quite what you want. And mirrored text with fix text on appears the same as text that is not mirrored.

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