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#77490 by Joe Krawiec
Mon Jan 20, 2020 3:18 pm
I finally broke down and upgraded to a new computer (thank you MS for killing windows 7). I anticipate weeks of aggravation as I try to get everything to work as it used to work on the old computer. I know this question has been asked/answered before, but my searches of the forum were unsuccessful. What Dcad files have to be copied from the old computer so that I can make everything as it used to be?

Thanks for any help!

Joe Krawiec
Toms River, NJ
#77491 by joshhuggins
Mon Jan 20, 2020 4:29 pm
What I usually do is.
- Install the latest update for your version of Datacad on your existing box.
- Install Datacad on your new box using the same install path as your old box.
- Install the latest update on your new box.
- Move or delete the new Datacad folder on your new box to a different location on the computer, desktop should work fine.
- Copy your Datacad folder from your old box onto a flash drive, and then paste the Datacad folder into it's new home on your new computer in the same path it had before on your old box.

What this does is the installer gets all of the registry entities into windows on your new box and points it to look at the same location as your old box and then you are replacing the default folder with your current working folder from your old box. It should work almost flawlessly. You might have some pathing issues if you have some stuff customized but it should be minimal. Come back here if you need some more help.
#77495 by Neil Blanchard
Tue Jan 21, 2020 8:07 am
Hi Joe,

It also matters which version of DataCAD you have. If it is too old, it may not be supported in Win10. Do you have X3 or newer?

Remember to deactivate the license on the old computer. There is a way to do it, if the old machine is no longer running; or you can ask DataCAD to do this for you.

Is your new system using the same old monitor or a new one with similar resolution, or a new higher resolution one?

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