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#77662 by joeferguson
Thu Feb 27, 2020 3:42 pm
Hello all,

Using DC 21 since Dec 2019. Easy conversion from 17, everything worked fine, including line weight display right up to Jan. 22 near as I can figure.

In my latest project, (which is due today) I went to change a few line weights to give certain objects a little better definition and the weights do not display on screen, or on the printed page. When I do an alt-I, the weight is indicated as changed (from 1 to 2 and/or 5) but doesn't display on screen. I opened my Jan 22 project and line weights display just fine on screen.

I can resolve the issue by copying my entire current project into the Jan 22 project and then erasing the Jan 22 project, then the line weights display normally on screen.

I have checked Display and Line Weights are toggled on. I have not been near the .ini files with the new DC.

What could have possibly changed in a month? What could I have possibly toggled inadvertently?


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#77666 by Mark Bell
Thu Feb 27, 2020 9:43 pm
Some suggestions to try:
1. Identify some lines that have line weight applied and check they show as a high line weight,
2. Copy some of these to another layer and move them to one side and see if they print correctly,
3. Even though you have a capital L in SWOTHLUDFBK turn it off/on again,
4. Ctrl-right click on an entity with line weight applied and open the Line Properties window and check it also shows the line weight as being applied,
5. Apply some high values, like 10 and see if there is a visible change,
6. In Print, select S6 WYSIWYG,
7. In Print, select F5 scale to pen and check nothing is selected that reduces pen weights to a finer scale,
8.In the Tools/Preferences/Misc tab select everything "As Displayed" in the Entities/Attributes to Print column,

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