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#77719 by joeferguson
Tue Mar 10, 2020 6:56 pm
Recently reinstalled DC 21 (windows 10) and a lot of things are not the same. Lost some fonts (previous post), keyboard shortcuts (my fault, I can fix that) command line aliases (same).

Currently can't find my old favourite Draw toolbar -- you know, the one with the ABC123 icon for text and the circle icon that takes me to the curves menu? I can load all kinds of toolbars that I never use but have no idea how to get my good ones back.

Does this have something to do with context-sensitive toolbars? I have spent hours with the DC21 online manual and my old dead tree DC11 manual and am stuck.

Currently the only way I can draw a circle or put text on a drawing is to use the edit menu.

When I open View--Toolbars, I get Standard, Icon I: Edit, Icon II : Model, Icon III : Architect, and Icon IV : Notate and a bunch of others but no Draw.

What have I done? I reinstalled DC twice, same result. Don't know where to go from here...

#77720 by joeferguson
Tue Mar 10, 2020 9:44 pm
I found an old item in the Forum by Mark Madura and it explained I can change visible toolbars in Tools > Program Preferences > Toolbars.

Still don't know how I lost it but it's now found. Thanks, Mark.


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