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#78069 by Mark Bell
Tue May 19, 2020 8:48 pm
There's a push from contractors and their surveyors for set out measurements to be in UTM Northings and Eastings (X/Y) format (and sometimes X/Y/RL for spot heights) which only requires a reference point noted on the drawing and the corresponding coordinate table making it easier for the surveyors to do the set out compared to referencing grids with offset dimensions. Unless I've missed it, the Scale Type menu doesn't appear to offer this option?

Using an online Lat Long to UTM converter, a site's E+N can be calculated which can be cross checked against survey data. If we then need to document the E+N coordinates, particularly for hard landscaped areas in a project how does DataCAD create accurate E+N coordinates on the drawings? Can these new coordinate points also be output to say an Excel format?



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