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#79574 by MtnArch
Sat Apr 03, 2021 11:32 pm
Holy smokes .. I just realized that I've been using (and upgrading/supporting) DataCAD for 26 years now! I started out with buying in at the 'Fire Sale' in 1995 and have been learning/using/upgrading ever since!

What a privilege it has been to be a member/user of Dcad all of these years, and what a privilege it has been to have spoken with Mark M., Dave G. and Rick M. throughout the years - as well as interact with all of our truly incredible forum members here.

Although I haven't quite hit spending half of my life using Dcad yet, but I'm getting awful damn close! Hard to believe that I've spent more time (now) drawing/designing on CAD (any of them .. Acad, IntelliCad, Vectorworks, BricsCAD, etc.) than I have/did hand-drafting. Scary and sobering since I wanted to become an architect so I could draw (by hand) every day as a job.

Thank you, Dave (RIP, my friend), Mark, Clay and all of the current/past/future DC LLC members for providing a tool that met everything I needed to give life to my designs and my drawings!
#79585 by David Porter
Mon Apr 05, 2021 11:50 am
I had to chime in with my antique-ness on this one. I go back 35 years at using and abusing DataCAD every day over that time period. Got my first set of floppies of v. 2 in 1986 and my first Sperry-Rand computer that was powerful enough to run the program. I remember the first project I input was of a shopping center parking lot that had lots of tree symbols. I started a regen of the screen before going to lunch and when I came back an hour later, the regen had still not finished.

Oh, how far we have come through a couple of different ownerships, management teams, computer improvements, and program improvements to end up with the most stable of them all, the Dave, Mark, and Clay group. Every time I do something stupid with the program, I hear Dave's voice in my head telling me not to do that. He left us his lasting legacy.

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