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#80638 by Chris
Wed Feb 09, 2022 2:38 pm
Our systems have begun resetting to GUI Toolbars every time Windows 11 makes an update in the last couple months. The LOCK TOOLBARS is checked in the Program Preferences and it does not make any difference. It is a minor annoyance. Anyone know how to FIX it?

Thanks in Advance,

#80639 by joshhuggins
Wed Feb 09, 2022 11:40 pm
During the Datacad v20-v22 life cycle, Datacad has been steadily working on making changes to handle the changes Microsoft was rolling out for High DPI displays and application scaling. If you open the current Revision History file and search for 'DPI' you can get a quick overview of the related changes. Version 22's last update fixed approx. 95% of the issue you are seeing now I would guess with the interface resetting. I don't know if those fixes were released for v21.
#81027 by thelogco
Wed Jun 22, 2022 10:33 am
Just returned from vacation and opened Datadcad. All of the program settings, menu preferences, layout etc have changed. I'm guessing back to install status. (AGAIN!)

Are there any files that I can save once this is corrected to reinstall quickly? I thought I had done this the last time and unfortunately, they did not work.
#81030 by ORWoody
Wed Jun 22, 2022 7:33 pm
This might be a overkill solution, but it is what I would do in a similar case....
Once I have DataCAD set to exactly how I like it, I would then copy the entire DataCAD folder to a flash drive or to an external hard drive. I could do that quite easily because I keep all symbols/templates/drawings in their own separate folders. Then, when I encountered the problem as you described, I would overwrite the existing DataCAD. That would make it where opening DataCAD would show exactly what I want to see.

Be aware that my solution must be done using the exact same folder name for the archived copy as you have for your active copy. In my case, I have DataCAD installed on the C: drive in a folder named DCAD22. My archived copy is on a flash drive usually recognized as E:, but that is incidental because I never use DataCAD off of that drive. I'm simply using it to act as an image file. The archive folder is DCAD22.

On a side note... you could go into your main DataCAD folder and delete everything prior to pasting the archived files onto your active drive. This would prevent the paste action from going through the files and then asking you "You have 2XXX files with the same name. Do you want to overwrite them?" If you do delete those files and folders, then you'll also need to go one folder deep into your DataCAD folder before Copy All so that you don't end up with a DataCAD\DataCAD folder.
#81078 by ORWoody
Wed Jun 29, 2022 9:03 pm
In line with the method for fixing the reset problem... I use the same overwrite system when I re-install DataCAD or do a new install. I simply do the minimal install and then overwrite it from my flash drive. Quick and easy so that all toolbars, screens, settings are the same on every system.
Once in awhile, I will have to adjust some screen linked elements since my basic folder was created from a system with a large screen. When I did the overwrite on my laptop, I needed to adjust my screen ratio to be correct on the laptop, but that was easily done.

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