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#81511 by Joseph Baron
Sun Sep 18, 2022 1:50 pm
David, I think the one you should look at for comparison is the screenshot of my 13" Dell Laptop, since it too has builtin graphics (no dedicated graphics card).

I think this is a limitation of your builtin graphics and there's not much that can be done to improve it.

I read through the posts that Josh suggested and you might want to try this to see if your specific graphics reacts to this setting. DataCAD should be closed before editing the dcadwin.ini file, and change the value to a positive (1 or greater) to see if it 'thins' the display. Negative numbers may make lines thicker.

Logical Pen Width Adjustment=2
Logical Pen Width=TRUE
#81512 by DavidBergman
Sun Sep 18, 2022 2:38 pm
I thought I was comparing to your 13" Dell, but maybe I have the various screenshots confused.

I tried changing the Logical Pen Width Adjustment to 2, but it didn't seem to make any discernible difference. Should it have? What does changing that do?

At this point, I don't know what to expect in term of display. Am I being unrealistic in expecting the display to be sharper? It seems to me that I didn't see this kind of blurriness until my recent Dells, but maybe it's always been like this. The old Asus looks significantly better, though still not great. OTOH, Clay said that everything looked too thick on the Dell, including lines, display grid, etc., not just text.

In a series of tests just now, Calibri (TTF) looked the best of the bunch, both on screen and in PDF. I guess I'll make that my standard, at least for now, and just deal with not being able to read text well unless I zoom in.

I also have to play with hatches as many of those were printing too thick/dark in spite of changing pen widths.

All in all, this is really frustrating. I don't recall having these issues a few years back when I was using DataCad more often and before having these Dells. It's close to a deal breaker in continuing to use DataCad - and I've been a user and booster of DataCad since v5!
#81513 by Joseph Baron
Sun Sep 18, 2022 3:56 pm
The screenshot from my 13" monitor is smaller and more blurry.

From what I read that Logical Pen Width Adjustment is supposed to change the DISPLAYED lines to either thinner (positive number) or thicker (negative number) but it may be specifically for 4K monitors.

I think we have learned that builtin graphics can vary widely as to the display quality. I wish we could have found a fix for your display issue.
#82448 by DavidBergman
Sun Sep 03, 2023 4:56 pm
I'm not sure whether I ever posted the semi-resolution of this display issue. Mark made the suggestion of switching my display settings from "Extended" to "Display only on two ," and it worked. The display is exactly as it should be when I turn off the laptop's own screen. (I have to re-open DataCad after the display change, and also have to remember to bring DataCad back into the laptop screen first or it will float away never to be found - even with Cascade Windows. )

It's more of a kludge than a solution since I have to change the display setting and give up screen real estate whenever I want to work in Datacad. It also doesn't help when I'm in the field since I only have the built-in screen display.

Still, I wish I knew the cause since it's more than a little annoying. It happens with both of my Dell laptops. (One Inspiron and the other a newer XPS. Neither has a dedicated graphics card.) Dell has no ideas or suggestions, of course. I don't think I encountered it with my previous ASUS.

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