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#81834 by jvberryjr
Mon Jan 02, 2023 10:54 am
Happy New Year All!

I have been using DCAD on and off since the 80s. I'm gliding toward retirement and have never really used DCAD to its fullest potential - since I started with a T square and triangles, I pretty much have used it more or less of an "electronic pencil". Because of that I tend to redraw a lot of things that don't need redrawing. To that end I am looking for some standard drawings that I typically have not included in sets, but probably should to save time.

All that to ask if anyone knows of a source where I could purchase (in DCAD format - I use DCAD 22) any standard drawings that are typically used in drawings sets, such as sheets showing typical ADA mounting diagrams/dimensions, abbreviation and legend sheets, typical detail sheets, etc. etc. I have old CDs of Cheap Trick Ware volumes 1 & 2 and have gleaned some stuff from that, but still could use a lot more. (I really miss Evan Shu BTW).

Also if anyone knows of a way to install some of the macros, etc. from the Cheap Tricks Ware CD onto my DCAD 22 program, I would appreciate it - probably a lost cause?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!
#81835 by MtnArch
Mon Jan 02, 2023 2:06 pm
You may also be able to find some standard/typical details for Acad that you could import in. One thing to be cognizant of: there can be wild variations of "typical" between locales - especially different parts of the country. For example, California still requires truncated domes at curb ramps whereas ADA doesn't and I don't believe many other jurisdictions do either. You could also do an internet search for construction documents/drawings, bid sets, etc. and see what PDF's are available to download to use as examples, and then re-draw them yourself.

In terms of macros, I believe most should import/install fine. In response to another forum member about a month ago, I dug out my old copy of "RoofBuilder Tools" from 2002 and it installed (and runs!) fine.

Good luck!
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#81846 by MtnArch
Thu Jan 05, 2023 11:29 am
It's not a bad site for getting general manufacturer's drawings and their details, but will take some work to create "standard" construction doc details.

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