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#82218 by Len Osborne
Fri May 05, 2023 12:07 pm
Cannot get undo/redo to show up on tool bar even when i have checked it in preferences.
This started when i tried to move menu and "everything" disappeared, menus and tool bars.
#82220 by MtnArch
Fri May 05, 2023 5:20 pm
If you have dual monitors it could be hiding behind the main Dcad window. I think if you do a forum search you may find the discussions over the past year or two.
#82226 by Len Osborne
Wed May 10, 2023 7:03 pm
thanks Alan, same problem with one monitor. i tried to search topic but could not find anything.
(search line would not recognize "topic")
#82228 by MtnArch
Wed May 10, 2023 9:36 pm
Hi, Len - I remember it had to do with a window hiding behind the Dcad window, but when you close the Dcad window the missing window/toolbar closed as well.

I'll see if I can remember who on the forum was dealing with it. My first guess would be that Josh H. was a part of tracking it down, but beyond that I don't remember who had the problem.
#82231 by joshhuggins
Thu May 11, 2023 12:43 pm
Is the rest of the Standard Toolbar being displayed? You can check to see if the Standard Toolbar isa turned on in the View, Toolbars, menu and make sure the Standard check box is checked. If that doesn't work you could reset all your display toolbars by closing Datacad, and deleting the following files, and restarting Datacad.
C:\DataCAD 22\Support Files\DCADWINDialogs.gui
C:\DataCAD 22\Support Files\DCADWINToolbars.gui
C:\DataCAD 22\Support Files\ObjectViewer.gui

If you don't want to go with a full display reset, see if you can post a screenshot here in the forum so we can see what you are seeing and a description of where you normally see what you are missing.

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