o2c Model by David C. MacDougall
o2c Model by David C. MacDougall
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o2c - Objects to See

What is o2c?

o2c is an acronym for Objects to See. o2c is a highly-compressed 3D format that is optimized for Internet-based communication. You and your clients can use the freely-distributable o2c Player to view o2c objects. With DataCAD 9.06 and later versions, you can save 3D models directly to o2c format and distribute them to clients via e-mail or embed them into a web page.

Using the o2c Player, your clients can freely rotate or walk through a fully rendered model. Although the o2c player interface is easy to use, it provides powerful architectural view manipulation and image processing tools. With the o2c Player, your clients can view architectural models in wire-frame, hidden-line, flat shaded, textured, or ray traced modes. Once you have established a desired view, you can use the o2c Player to generate a high-resolution, photorealistic rendering. This means you don't need to transmit excessively large images via e-mail because your clients can create their own. While the o2c Player provides comprehensive viewing controls, your clients cannot modify the object.

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Mark F. Madura
Mark F. Madura

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