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New! DataCAD 17
DataCAD 17
Test drive DataCAD 17.
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New! DataCAD 17

¿Por qué DataCAD?

New! DataCAD 17
New features in DataCAD 17 combine 2D productivity enhancements, 3D modeling tools, changes to the Sun Shader, and a collection of program optimizations which help to make DataCAD 17 faster than previous versions.

DataCAD Time Machine
DataCAD Time Machine and Timeline

In honor of DataCAD’s 30th anniversary, we put together a DataCAD Time Machine and Timeline with links to rare documents and videos from the early Microtecture days, through the Cadkey era, up to and including DATACAD LLC.  This is a work-in-progress as there are still many items for us to add.  We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.


DataCAD's 30th Anniversary
DataCAD celebrated its 30th anniversary on Wednesday, April 2, 2014.  Thanks to all of our customers and collegues who have helped us reach this milestone.

Happy 30th Anniversary DataCAD!

DataCAD Training
Are you keeping pace with the latest advancements in DataCAD? Are you taking advantage of Smart Entities? Are you familiar with DataCAD's 3D modeling and built-in rendering tools? If you answered "no" to any of these questions, we can help. More...
The DataCAD Message Board has grown to include more than 60,000 articles since its debut in 2005.

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