Company Organization

DATACAD is a limited liability company founded in October 1996, when full development, distribution and marketing rights for the DataCAD product line were purchased from Micro Control Systems, Inc. (formerly Cadkey, Inc.).


Mark F. Madura

President and Chief Executive Officer

Clay W. Rogers

Product Manager

Corporate Focus

DATACAD develops, markets and supports affordable, professional-level Windows-based CADD solutions for architects, engineers, and contractors. Through a combination of new product introductions, business software pricing and worldwide distribution, DATACAD is expanding its market penetration and user base to include many new business, professional, and consumer users.

Competitive Advantage

DataCAD competes functionally with products 2.5x - 5x its price. Business software pricing is part of DATACAD's strategy to expand the use of CADD among the AEC markets.

Technical advantages
DataCAD is a professional-level AEC CADD program for architectural design, photo-realistic rendering, animation, and construction document creation. Developed by architects and software engineers for architecture, DataCAD includes tools that make design and drafting easier, such as automatic door and window insertion, associative dimensioning and hatching, automated 3D framing, Teigha-based DXF/DWG translators, and DCAL, an applications development language for third-party developers. Users report that DataCAD is one of the most efficient programs available for generating production drawings, which typically account for 70% of the labor involved on a project. Many users state they can create production drawings significantly faster with DataCAD than with other CADD systems because of DataCAD's editing capabilities and "heads-up" architecturally-oriented interface. Other technical advantages frequently cited by DataCAD users include the ability to draw in 2D and automatically generate a 3D view at the same time and customizable keyboard shortcuts and toolbars.

Large customer base and breadth of applications
DataCAD has over 250,000 installations worldwide, making it one of the most widely used and highly acclaimed AEC CADD packages available today. This large customer base gives DATACAD and its third-party partners an excellent market for both upgrades and new products. In addition to its core architectural usage, DataCAD is also used for interior design, landscape architecture, exhibit design, log home design, archeological reconstruction, accident reenactments, and graphic design


DataCAD is a professional-level, AEC CADD program for architectural design, photo-realistic rendering, animation, and construction document creation. Developed by architects and software engineers for architecture, DataCAD includes tools that make design and drafting easier, such as automatic door and window insertion, associative dimensioning and hatching, automated 3D framing, Teigha-based DXF/DWG translators, and DCAL an applications development language for third-party developers. DataCAD is now listed as the second most widely used software by architects according to the most recent American Institute of Architects (AIA) firm survey. DataCAD is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

DataCAD LT is a low-cost 2D/3D CADD program for architects, interior designers, engineers, builders, contractors, and their clients. All of the fundamental 2D and 3D architectural drawing and modeling features of DataCAD are included in DataCAD LT. The program includes automatic door and window insertion; associative dimensioning and hatching; unlimited undo/redo; TrueType font support; bitmap import; solid, pattern, and bitmap fills; and Teigha-based translators. 3D models created in DataCAD LT can be exported to o2c (objects 2 see) format for rendering, animation, and Internet distribution.

o2c Interactive is a 3D viewing and presentation program for designers and their clients. o2c Interactive allows anyone to explore multiple design scenarios in 3D, on the fly using the highly-compressed, Internet-deliverable o2c format. o2c is an acronym for Objects to See, a three-dimensional file format that is optimized for Internet-based communication. o2c Interactive allows designers to edit materials and textures, batch process photorealistic images, and publish the results as an HTML file for presentation. Unique to o2c Interactive is the ability to save and recall multiple schemes so designers and their clients can visualize various material finishes. o2c files can be sent to clients as e-mail attachments or embedded into Word, PowerPoint, or HTML documents. DataCAD and DataCAD LT export 3D models directly to o2c format. Users of any CADD program can convert either 3D DXF or DWG files to o2c format via DataCAD LT or DataCAD. A freely-distributable version of o2c Interactive, o2c_2Go!, allows clients to view presentations and walk through rendered models.

Third Party Opportunties

DataCAD products provide an open architecture which supports modification and enhancement by third-party developers and customers. Through OEM agreements, DATACAD offers related software titles developed by other companies. Third-party developers have produced over 600 enhancements for DataCAD. The DataCAD Developer Network can be accessed via the World Wide Web at www.datacad.com/ddn.

Sales and Support

DataCAD is sold and supported by authorized dealers and distributors throughout the U.S. as well as a network of international distributors. DATACAD products are also sold to educational institutions at discounted prices to help educate future CADD users. DATACAD complements its indirect channel distribution strategy with a combination of direct marketing and Internet sales. All products are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and 30 days free technical support. Paid technical support and training are available worldwide through authorized support centers and directly from DATACAD.

Online Support

DATACAD's home page features the latest product information, company news, and product specials. Web address: www.datacad.com. Additional support for DataCAD users is available through the Internet-based DBUG (DataCAD Boston Users' Group) forum. DBUG is an independent, free forum with thousands of members worldwide. To subscribe, send an e-mail message to majordomo@world.std.com, and in the body of the message type subscribe datacad-dbug to receive individual messages as they are posted, or type subscribe datacad-tech to receive a daily digest of edited messages which contain only technical information from the forum.

Company Management

Mark F. Madura
President and CEO

Mark F. Madura has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of DATACAD LLC since October 1996. Prior to that, Mr. Madura was with Cadkey Inc. from June 1995 to October 1996 as Vice President AEC Product Group. Prior to joining Cadkey, Mr. Madura was the President of Madura Studios Inc. (a Boston-based CADD consulting firm) from August 1990 to June 1995. From 1982 to 1990, Mr. Madura held various drafting and design positions in the fields of engineering, landscape architecture, lighting design, architecture, and design-build. Madura studied engineering at Boston University and architecture at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island.

Clay W. Rogers
Product Manager

Clay W. Rogers has been the Product Manager for DATACAD LLC since October 1996. For more than 25 years, he has been instrumental in maintaining a commitment to quality software products and services. He has been involved in the support, testing, and development of DataCAD since 1988.

Contact Information

Company Contact:
Mark F. Madura, President and CEO

Press Contact:
Becky Stevens, Virtual Marketing, Inc.

Commercial Sales
(800) 394-2231

Technical Support
(860) 217-0567

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(860) 217-0490

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