DataCAD Subscription Edition
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DataCAD Subscription Edition
DataCAD Priority Service

As a DataCAD customer, you know the value that user-requested enhancements and priority support bring to your company.

DataCAD Subscription Edition
The DataCAD Subscription is provided for our customers who want continuous software enhancements and fixes, and priority attention and problem resolution.

The subscription edition entitles you to software enhancements and fixes as soon as they become available, and priority access to our expert DataCAD technical support, which includes:

Toll-free Telephone Support
Live, toll-free telephone technical support which you can call during our normal business hours to speak directly to a member of our staff. Our knowledgeable technical support representatives are also available to answer your questions by e-mail.

Private Help Desk
Exclusive access to the private, Help Desk area of our Online Forum reserved for DataCAD Subscription Edition customers. The Help Desk contains answers to frequently asked questions, DataCAD technical bulletins, tips and tricks, and an area to post questions to members of our staff. You will be able to use the online knowledge base as an invaluable resource.

DataCAD File Recovery Services
Occasionally you may have a drawing file which will not open, or is exhibiting other unexpected behavior which you cannot remedy yourself. DataCAD Subscription Edition customers can send us their problem drawing files for repair. While we cannot guarantee that we can recover every file in its entirety, we have a 95% success rate. This service could save you hours, or even days redrawing time.

Per-incident Technical Support
Fee-based, Per-incident support is available to DataCAD customers who have not purchased the DataCAD Subscription Edition.

DataCAD Subscription Eligibility
You must own the latest version of DataCAD Professional to be eligible to purchase DataCAD Subscription. If you are upgrading from a prior version, you can add DataCAD Subscription. If you are renewing an existing subscription, or are adding a new subscription to a license you already own, you can purchase it separately.

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