DataCAD Plus ZAC User's Guide
Table of Contents

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Table of Contents
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1 Introduction to DataCAD Plus ZAC
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    Introducing ZAC Concepts and Terms
    Using the Context-sensitive ZAC Icon Bar
    Navigating Through the ZAC Program
    Previewing the DataCAD Plus ZAC Program

2 Tutorial: Starting on the Ground Floor [ View]  [Download]
    Looking at the Completed Building
    Getting an Overview
    Starting a DataCAD Plus ZAC Drawing
    Establishing the First Zone
    Laying the Groundwork
    Building Zone A The First Floor
    Looking at the Results with Object Viewer
    Building Zone A Interior Walls
    Building Zone A Windows
    Building Zone A - Changing the Layout
    Building Zone A Doors
    Building Zone A Staircase
    Adding Dimension Lines
    Adding Room Labels

3 Tutorial: Copying to Zones and Making Changes  [View]  [Download]]
    Getting an Overview
    Copying from One Zone to Another
    Creating a Floor Slab
    Making Changes to Zone B
    Getting to the Top

4 Tutorial: Adding a Roof and Finishing the Building  [View]  [Download]
    Getting an Overview
    Adding a Roof
    Viewing the Completed Building

5 Tutorial: Generating Plans and Views  [View]  [Download]
    Getting an Overview
    Generating a 2D Plan
    Creating 3D Views

6 Reference: Basic Functions  [View]  [Download]
    Getting an Overview
    Establishing Zones
    Using HelpLine
    Working with Layers
    Drawing Walls
    Inserting Windows
    Inserting Doors
    Using Jamb Symbols for Windows or Doors
    Using Distance Input for Windows or Doors
    Inserting Dimensions

7 Reference: Stairs, Roof, and Enhancements  [View]  [Download]
    Getting an Overview
    Inserting a Staircase
    Adding a Roof
    Working with Room Definitions
    Working with Floors

8 Reference: 2D/3D Generation and Views  [View]  [Download]
    Getting an Overview
    Generating a 2D Plan
    Generating a 3D Model

9 Reference: Advanced Features   [View]  [Download]
    Getting an Overview
    Creating a Drawing Based on Different Zones
    Editing an Existing ZAC Database Record
    Creating a New ZAC Database
    Exporting ZAC Drawings
    Using PlotManager for Multiscale Plotting

Appendix  [View]  [Download]
    Layer Manager
    Keyboard Shortcuts

Index  [View]  [Download]