DCAL Discrepancies
A listing of quirks found when running DOS DCAL macros under Windows.

Ted Blockley reports problems with the use of the STRPAD procedure:

Previous to DCAD WIN, StrPad would universally return a fixed length text string. If the original string was too short, StrPad would pad it to the required length, and if too long, would truncate it to length. Very handy for trimming things, since it didn't require declaration of another memory eating string variable like StrSub, nor that you find the length of the string as StrDel does. The DCAD-WIN version doesn't do truncation.

Ted Blockley reports problems with the use of the SSMEMBER procedure:

I'm fairly certain that Selection Sets don't work as advertised.In other words, ssAdd does something, but ssMember doesn't pickup on it. I've included a replacement module (and declarations to use in other modules). This one uses attributes, and uses the same syntax as the original SS routines.It was a quick fix, so ssGetName and ssSetName are missing, and it provides only a single substitute 'selection set'. Download it.

John Lindsay reports problems with the FILE_FIND procedure:

I have discovered that the file_find command won't work correctly. I use this feature to search for directories which work with the dos versions but will sometimes even "Crash" DataCAD in the windows version! for instance, if the attribute is set to 16 (directories flag) nothing is returned, even if you are at the root of your C drive! I don't know if it works with any other attribute.

Ted Blockley has discovered yet another anomaly:

The DWGNAME procedure returns different values under DataCAD for Windows depending on whether the user has last used the SAVE or SAVE AS menu items. Dave Giesselman has provided a work around unitl this is fixed. Get the whole ball of wax here.

Patrick McConnell reports that the DRAGPLY procedure ignores the color parameter.

The color parameter is ignored and the polygon being dragged is rendered in the currently active color. David Henderson reports that this only occurs under DataCAD for Windows.

David Henderson Reports the following errors:

  • The KEYPRESS procedure does not work.
  • GETCURRLBL procedure does not work reliably.
  • Writing to the Console does not work in DataCAD for Windows.

Guenter Adler Reports the following errors:

  • The PLOT_MODE procedure doesn't work. Note: All plotting has changed and we will need to wait for new information on how these changes effect DCAL.
  • The BEEP procedure does not work.
  • The STRPOS procedure will return 1 in DOS if the pattern is matched by the first character in the string to be searched. In windows this procedure returns 0.
  • TEXTMODE doesn't work.