A Somewhat Complete Listing of the SHP File Codes


end of the line


lift the pen after multiple up or down pen sequences


make one move with in pen down mode


make a series of moves in pen down mode


make one move with the pen up


multiply by


divide by


push position on to stack (remember position of pen)


pop position off stack (return to previously remembered position)


load a character at this position (ex. 7,65 will draw the character defined as code 65 at this location)


continue in pen up mode

This listing uses the term pen to refer to the concept of moving the cursor around as the character is created. This analogy is similar to the method a pen plotter works by placing a pen on the paper and moving and/or lifting the pen to draw the character. Refer to the tutorial on creating fonts for more information.

The multiplication and divide codes can be used to get around the limits of the SHP file with regard to the need for whole number coordinates.

The character loading function can be used to create compound letter codes. For example a centerline character might be a C with an L imposed over it. If these characters are defined in the SHP file you could use the codes for both C and L to create this symbol rather than redrawing this new shape.