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Translation Fonts
International Fonts
High-resolution, Helvetica-style fonts are appropriate for use in construction documents.

Arabic Arabic2 Arabstan Majed

  • HLV-850

    Multilingual (HLV-850.ZIP 8KB, 11/97)
    Helvetica-style font based on ASCII Character Set 850 for Latin I with accompanying POF file. Compatible with the following languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.
  • HLV-852

    Slavic (HLV-852.ZIP 7KB, 11/97)
    Helvetica-style font based on ASCII Character Set 852 for Latin II with accompanying POF file. Compatible with the following languages: Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, and Yugoslavian.
  • HLV-852B

    Baltic (HLV-852B.ZIP 8KB, 11/97)
    Helvetica-style font based on a derivative of ASCII Character Set 852. Compatible with the following languages: Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian.
  • HLV-866

    Cyrillic (HLV-866.ZIP 7KB, 11/97)
    Helvetica-style font based on ASCII Character Set 866 Cyrillic. Compatible with the following languages: Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian.


The following macros, which come from a variety of sources, are offered "as is", and are not supported by DATACAD LLC. For additional macros and add-ons to DataCAD, contact one of our third-party developers.

  • 3D Line Conversion (3DLINCVT.ZIP, 2KB, 08/06/96)
    Converting 3D Lines to 2D Lines
  • Annotate (ANNOTATE.ZIP, 27KB, 02/99) Get Source
    Annotate is a collection of macros which help the user to quickly and efficiently place annotation symbols on the drawing. ReadMe file included.
  • ArcArrow (ARCARROW.ZIP, 4KB, 02/99) Get Source
    Draws arcs with either open or closed arrowheads at the end. If the arrow head is closed it can be filled with cross hatching. You can also turn off the arrowhead and daisy-chain as many arcs together as you want, then turn on the arrowhead to be drawn at the end of the last arc. This works great for electrical plans!
  • ASCIIMax (ASCIIMAX.ZIP, 9KB, 02/99) Get Source
    AsciiMAX is a DataCAD macro for processing ASCII text files into schedule form on your drawings. ReadMe file included.
  • ATR (ATR.ZIP, 11KB, 11/00)
    The ATR macro allows adding, deleting, and editing of attributes attached to drawings, entities, and symbols.
  • Break (BREAK.ZIP, 3KB, 02/99) Get Source
    Breaks a line at a given point, leaving a space in the line. The distance of the space can be defined with the macro. In addition you can also have an arc drawn at the break location to indicate one line "jumping" over another.
  • CountSym (COUNTSYM.ZIP, 3KB, 02/99) Get Source
    Counts symbols on your drawing and places the description, number found, and cost into an ASCII text file which can then be printed. The ASCII text file can also be appended to add new symbol count information.
  • Delete Smalls Macro (DELSMALL.ZIP, 4KB, 12/99) Get Source
    This macro allows you to delete or place in a Selection Set 2D/3D lines under a user specified length. This is useful for cleaning up after a hidden line removal.
  • Dynamic On/Off Toggles (DYNONOFF.ZIP, 1KB, 06/99) Get Source
    Toggles the Dynamic setting on or off as desired. Simply add the appropriate macro to your keyboard or toolbar macro sequence and you can have the dynamic toggle set exactly the way you wish.
  • DuctPro (DUCTPRO.ZIP, 13KB, 02/99) Get Source
    DuctPRO is an easy-to-use drafting package for inserting HVAC ductwork in your drawings. By simply selecting a width and depth (for rectangular ductwork), or a diameter (for round ductwork), and then locating the points on the duct run, the user can create a full 2D or 3D ductwork drawing. Choices for duct type (rectangular or round), sizes, Z elevation, elbows and branches are all available from the menu. In addition, the user can set DuctPRO to draw ductwork to the left, center, or right of given points as well as flat-on-bottom, flat-on-top, or centered on the Z elevation. The ductwork elbows, reductions, branches, vanes, and text are all drawn as you select points.
  • EstLink (ESTLINK.ZIP, 02/01)
    This update corrects the problem of having unreadable text due to the white highlight color on yellow text.
  • GenOff (GENOFF.ZIP, 4KB, 02/99) Get Source
    Utility macro designed for constructing (generating) multiple offset lines. GenOff eliminates the need for offsetting multiple lines and then trimming them, and also allows for multiple repetitions of offset lines. Offset distances can be changed at any line segment during the macro to allow for unequal offset lines.
  • Gridlock (GRIDLOCK.ZIP, 1KB, 02/99) Get Source
    Locks every layer's grid settings to the current active layer grid settings.
  • Isometric Macro Fix (ISOVIEW.ZIP, 2KB, 02/05/90)
  • LgtCalc(LGTCALC.ZIP, 4KB, 02/99) Get Source
    Calculates the number of light fixtures required for a selected space by setting the lumens, number of lamps, foot candles, etc. Results can be stored in an ASCII text file.
  • Macro Manuals  Download Adobe PDF files for 3D Power Tools (, 182KB), DC Sprint (, 45KB), Blocker (, 77KB), Wavy (, 678KB), Template Librarian (, 80KB), and Touchup (, 164KB) and print your own manual for each.
  • Macro Online Help (MACRO.ZIP, 1.1MB, 03/16/99 -- includes macro_tabouret.hlp and macro_tabouret.cnt)
    Download this online help file for 3D Power Tools, DC Sprint, Blocker, Wavy, Template Librarian, and Touchup and get the answers to your macro questions with a click of the mouse. Accessible from within DataCAD. Download and unzip the file, and then copy the .hlp and .cnt files into the Help\Add-ons subdirectory of your DataCAD directory. While in DataCAD, just choose Add-ons from the Help menu and then choose the macro_tabouret.hlp file.
  • RampMaster (RAMPMASTER.EXE, 814KB, 02/00)
    Ramp Master enables the dynamic creation of both 2D & 3D ramps. Ramps can include curbs and railings. Ramps may be modeled as concrete masses or have a thickness to emulate other construction methods, such as wood. 2D & 3D ramps can be created at one time using Layer Memory to track the layers for each 2D & 3D Component. Layer Memory auto-magically places the components on the layers you specify. All settings are user configurable and may be saved to text files for reuse.
  • SteelPro (STEELPRO.ZIP, 109KB, 02/99) Get Source
    SteelPRO accesses virtually all shapes currently listed in the AISC Manual of Steel Construction. All wide flanges, tees, channels, angles, tubes and pipes are available. All steel sections can be input into your drawing in either top, side or section view. Use SteelPRO to draw all of your steel shapes and know for certain that your details are drawn accurately.
  • SubLine (SUBLINE.ZIP, 1KB, 02/99) Get Source
    Substitutes 2D lines for selected 3D lines using the 3D lines x and y coordinates. This macro is useful if you receive an AutoCAD drawing file which contains 3D lines. Changing the lines to 2D lines allows you to use DataCAD's trimming functions.
  • SubText (SUBTEXT.ZIP, 4KB, 02/99) Get Source
    Text editing macro used to substitute characters and/or words within a line of multiple lines of text using DataCAD's selection menu. SubText also allows the user to substitute text with text strings which are longer than the DataCAD normal maximum.
  • TxtLine (TXTLINE.ZIP, 6KB, 02/99) Get Source
    Virtually eliminates the need for line fonts with text in them and allows changing text size, text-to-text spacing, and selecting any line font for the line portion of TxtLine. Another feature, not allowable with line fonts, is being able to select different colors for your text and lines. TxtLine then gives you more room to have other line fonts in your font file by eliminating line fonts with text. Lines go in as individual (grouped) entities; pieces of text that cross one another can be moved by using Move or Stretch.
  • Window Master (WMASTER.ZIP, 26KB, 06/99)
    Window Master draws windows in elevation. It can draw awnings, casements, picture, double hung, sliders, quarter round, half round and full circle window types. You can set all the settings of the windows to match your office standards. From color to width of the sashes it is all customizable. Optionally you can insert sills, headers, trim and shutters. All the settings can be saved to and loaded from settings files allowing you to develop a library of standard window types. Window Master features multiple input modes to allow you to insert the window the way you like. Up to 12 units can be mulled together at any one time.
  • Z Master (ZMASTER.ZIP, 9KB, 09/99)
    Z Master lets you save and recall different Z-base/Z-height combinations. In addition these combinations may be linked to a specific layer so that when the setting is used, the Z-base, Z-height, and layer are all set to the user's specifications. Groups of these settings may be saved and loaded from a disk for use in different situations.

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