DataCAD Subscription Edition Q&A
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Why should I buy the Subscription Edition?
The Subscription Edition of DataCAD is our top tier offering that provides the most cost-effective method of obtaining program enhancements and support for DataCAD.  When you purchase the Subscription Edition, you'll receive priority technical support, bug fixes, and periodic enhancement updates.  You'll have first access to new features, and you'll receive the next major upgrade of DataCAD at no additional charge if your subscription is current on the date of release.

Note: You must own the latest version of DataCAD Professional to be eligible to purchase DataCAD Subscription. If you are upgrading from a prior version, you can add DataCAD Subscription. If you are renewing an existing subscription, or are adding a new subscription to a license you already own, you can purchase it separately.

What will I get if I buy the Subscription Edition?
The Subscription Edition provides the following benefits:
  - Toll-Free, Priority Technnical Support
  - Private Help Desk
  - DataCAD File Recovery Services
  - Major Upgrades (released during the subscription period)
  - First Access to New Features
  - Access to Pre-release Features (planned for next major upgrade)
  - Bug Fixes

What will I get if I don't buy the Subscription Edition?
If you purchase the standard edition of DataCAD, you will only receive bug fixes included in software updates.  You will not have access to any new features until the next major version is released and you purchase an upgrade.  The standard edition of DataCAD includes technical support for 30 days following the date of purchase.  If you tend to upgrade to at least every other new version of DataCAD, and you require technical support more than twice per year, the Subscription Edition is the most cost-effective way to stay current.

How will I be notified about new Subscription Edition updates?
You will be notified directly via e-mail as soon as new updates become available.  You can also check for new updates anytime by using the Help, Check for Updates pull-down menu directly from within DataCAD.

How long do my Subscription Edition benefits last?
The Subscription Edition period is twelve months, ending one year after the date of purchase.

What happens if my Subscription Edition lapses?
If you do not renew your Subscription Edition prior to the expiration date, you'll no longer have access to program enhancements, major version upgrades, toll-free priority technical support, and DataCAD file recovery services.

Will DataCAD stop working if my Subscription Edition lapses?
No.  DataCAD will continue to work with the same functionality as the day your Subscription Edition expired.

How will I know when my Subscription Edition is going to expire?
You will be notified directly via e-mail or phone that your subscription period will expire within 30 days.  At that time, you’ll have an opportunity to renew your subscription.

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