Update to DataCAD Plus

If you're using DataCAD Plus 9.5…

Download Version 9.6 that includes several bug fixes as well as some improvements:

The Plot Manager, Manager, and Services macros now support .sm+ files;
ZAC databases have been simplified, updated and reorganized;
and template files have been added for all Andersen windows and doors.

DataCAD Plus 9.6 is one of DATACAD LLC's free updates, available for download from this web site; these updates include fixes to the program and sometimes even a new feature or two! Each free update includes all the fixes in previous updates.

Download DataCAD Plus 9.6 Update (5.9MB)

DataCAD Plus 9.5 Hardware Key

Download Latest Hardware Key Drivers

Note: If you've already purchased and installed a later version of DataCAD on your computer, you do not need this update.

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