Undocumented DCAL features

The Functions or Procedures listed as a 'BUILTIN ###' are undocumented features since the DCAL manuals were last updated. Others listed here are unsupported features. These unsupported features may not work and should not be counted on in future versions of DataCAD. If you experience any problems with any of the features listed here please let us know.

Unsupported Features

FUNCTION ExecProg (Path, Name, Params : string;
Child : OUT integer) : integer

This Function allows a macro to call and run another DOS program or batch file.
Path : Is the fully qualified path to a program (or batch file) without the trailing backslash.
Name : Is the name of the program or (batch file.)
Params : Is any parameter list to be passed to the program (or batch file.)
Child : Is a value returned by the child process (or batch file.)
The function returns 1 if successful.

WORKS ONLY WITH DataCAD for DOS and DataCAD for Windows version 8.07 and later

Undocumented Features

FUNCTION icons_present : boolean; BUILTIN 231;
Returns true if the toolbar is on, false if it is off.

PROCEDURE icons_draw (turnon : boolean; redraw : boolean); BUILTIN 232;
Set turnon variable to true to turn toolbar on, false to turn it off. If redraw is true, which you would want in most cases, then the toolbar is refreshed as it is turned on/off, otherwise it is not refreshed.

PROCEDURE lyr_lock (lyr : layer; lock : boolean); BUILTIN 234;
lyr is the layer to be locked or unlocked. lock is either true to lock the lyr or false to unlock lyr

FUNCTION lyr_islocked (lyr : layer) : BOOLEAN; BUILTIN 235;
Function returns true if lyr is locked, false if it is not locked.

FUNCTION detail_get (view :IN OUT view_type, addr: IN viewaddr) : BOOLEAN; BUILTIN 236;
Works the same as the view_get routine. Refer to your DCAL manual for information.
on view_get.

PROCEDURE mode_lyrlocked (mode : IN OUT mode_type;
locked : boolean); BUILTIN 237;

Modifies a previously initialized and set MODE_TYPE variable to return entities
on only locked layers.

PROCEDURE view_flread (view : IN OUT view_type; fl : IN OUT file); BUILTIN 238;
Reads the ASCII text file 'fl' into 'view'.

PROCEDURE view_flwrite (view : IN OUT view_type; fl : IN OUT file); BUILTIN 239;
Writes 'view' to the ASCII text file 'fl'.

PROCEDURE sym_purge; BUILTIN 240;
Purges all unused symbos from the drawing database.

PROCEDURE ent_relink (ent1, ent2 : IN OUT entity);
An undocumented feature of this procedure is related to groups. Using this procedure will place ent2 in the same group as ent1