DCAL (DataCAD Applications Language) Reference
DCAL tips, tricks, and other assorted wisdom

New DCAL Routines added to version 9

Several new routines have been added to DCAL for DataCAD 9. These routines will only work in versions 9 or later. Here is a text file describing the new routines. This include file will help you with working with the new Message Dialog routines and finally this zip file contains the two files .html above plus sample macros and source code to show how the new functions work. In addition to these new routines the Beep procedure has been fixed. If you have any problems with the new routines or ideas for further improvements to DCAL let us know.

Reference Materials

  • David Henderson has provided us with a DCAL Manual in Microsoft Word 6.0 format. Thanks David.
  • The DCAL manual is also available as an ASCII text file for downloading here. Be aware that the downloaded manual will lack much of its formatting and as such may cause considerable head scratching. Use this version at your own peril. If you insist on trying to use this version here is the text file with the corrections and additions to the manual.
  • Check out these helpful definitions & terms.

Online DCAL Manual

  • PDF Format - requires Adobe Acrobat.
    You may right-click on the link and save it to your hard drive if desired.

A DCAL Primer by Bill D'Amico

Here is an older Reference Point article written by Bill D'Amico. It covers the basics of setting up and working with DCAL. Read through this primer to get up and running quickly with DCAL. Bear in mind that you will need to adjust the paths .html in this article to reflect your own setup. If you have problems with the link above, download the zipped file.

DCAL Discrepancies between DOS & Windows

  • Ted Blockley reports problems with the STRPAD procedure
  • Ted Blockley reports problems with the SSMEMBER procedure
  • John Lindsay reports problems with the FILE_FIND procedure
    **Update** This problem has been corrected, and the fix was released in version 8.06
  • WRTERR does not work correctly in DataCAD for windows.
    **Update** This problem has been corrected, and the fix was released in version 8.06

DCAL Updates & Corrections

Look at the latest updates or corrections to the DCAL documentation.

Undocumented DCAL Stuff

Check here for the list of features not documented in the DCAL manuals.

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