DCAL Updates

This information updates and/or revises the currently available DCAL manuals.

Changes for the PROCEDURE MODE_LYR

The following integer values may be used with the MODE_LYR Procedure in addition to the existing built in constants (lyr_curr, lyr_on and lyr_all):
  • 10 = lyr_curr_locked
  • 20 = lyr_curr_unlocked
  • 11 = lyr_on_locked
  • 21 = lyr_on_unlocked
  • 12 = lyr_all_locked
  • 22 = lyr_all_unlocked
Note that these integers DO NOT have built in constant identifiers. In other words you MUST USE THE ACTUAL INTEGER!

Changes for the type VIEW_TYPE:

The field FLAG2 of a VIEW_TYPE was changed from a boolean to a byte to enable multiple scale plot sheets.